Leslie's Hedgies

My lovely hogs!

Here are my cuties. <3

Frodo Baggins

Frodo is Luna and Loki's son. He is a chocolate snowflake, and one of my shyest hogs, but cute as anything. He was born 16/10/2010.


Tiny was born on 9th July 2013 from Mylia and Ziggy. She was very small compared to her brothers and sister but grew up to be a lovely healthy hog!



Diglett was fathered by a hedgie who was born here, Pindsvin, and went to live his life in Dublin, where he met the lovely Cindaquil and had babies with her on 15th August 2013. She was named by Pindsvin and Cindaquil's guardian, a mix of the hedgie's love of digging and her guardian's love of Pokemons. :)



Sebastian is a lucky survivor, just like his namesake in The Hobbit. Tiny Iggy came to meet our Frodo before going back to Dublin and giving birth to 4 hoglets on 18th September 2013. Sadly only Sebastian survived, but he now has a whole new family here with us.



 Freyja is a long-eared hedgehog, very different from the African Pygmy ones in shape and personality! She was born in April 2014 and joined us in July.


Zephyr had a tumultuous journey from the UK but is now happy with us!




Harvey is from the Reptile Rooms in Youghal, he came there from Belgium.



Serafina was born on 8th September 2014 from Mylia and Sebastian. She is a beautiful, friendly girl!



Selena is Serafina and Zephyr's daughter. She has a split colour face, one side grey, one white.